OpenDaylight Reveals Plans for First Relase: Codenamed Hydrogen

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OpenDaylight Reveals Plans for First Relase: Codenamed Hydrogen

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If you haven't heard of OpenDaylight, and its significance to the advancement of software-defined networking, go read my article, "Everything You Need to Know About the OpenDaylight Project."

That should get you up-to-speed on a high level.  Now it's finally time to go low-level as the project leaders have recently announced the technical details of its upcoming first release.  The first release will be codenamed "Hydrogen."

Here are just some of the specific technologies being implemented along with a graphic illustration of the release:

To accommodate a wide range of use cases OpenDaylight Hydrogen includes new and legacy protocols such as OVSDB, OpenFlow 1.3.0, BGP and PCEP. It also includes multiple methods for network virtualization and two initial applications that leverage the features of OpenDaylight: Affinity Metadata Service to aid in policy management and Defense4All for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack protection. A plugin for OpenStack Neutron has been integrated, and the Open vSwitch Database project will allow management from within OpenStack.

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