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An indubitable fact is that everyone needs to visit, at one time or another, a doctor. The medical system is an important part of our daily life. Significant to the economic development and prosperity of a nation, the medical system must proceed with care by combining transparency, confidentiality, and reliability.

Because of the great amount of data needing to be processed, medical institutions require systems that guarantee consistency, uniqueness, and reliability.

And this is why a new project has been started, aiming  to bring solutions to hospitals and other areas relating to medical information treatment. Its name is OpenLeanMed.


OpenLeanMed is the newest project in the large ecosystem of NetBeans Platform based applications. It aims to solve problems in clinical institutions, such as : 

  • increase the speed off medical information processing 
  • guarantee uniqueness of data
  • guarantee consistency and security of medical information
  • handle medical imagery
  • provide data access everywhere (mobile access, tabloid access, etc.)
  • help decision-making by integrating statistical reporting

The future application will be aligned with international standards (ISO and HL7), with an aim to be used in a wide range of countries around the world.

OpenLeanMedical will be an environment-aware application because it will reduce significantly the vast quantity of paper used daily in hospitals. It will be a green computing advocate by putting great effort into minimizing computer resource usage too.

Who is on the project?

We are three geek students working on the project. Below is small bio of each of us:

  • Henning Krup: Earning a master degree in business informatics at the Technical University of Brunswick, Germany. The main reason he’s working on this project is to build a base application where he can later plugin his own features to collaborate with hospitals. Another reason is to improve his skills in the NetBeans Platform and to prepare himself for working in software companies.

  • Igor Ivanovic: Student at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Belgrade in Serbia. His main interests are desktop application development and databases. He's become interested in working on the NetBeans Platform thanks to Geertjan Wielenga’s recent training course at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences, at the University of Belgrade. His main reasons for joining the team are to improve his Java skills, as well as his skills in the NetBeans Platform and databases, while he's also looking forward to getting to know developers from different parts of the world.

  • Constantin Drabo: Earning a master degree in internet and multimedia technologies at the university of Picardie Jules Verne. He’s also a database administrator at the National Treasury of Burkina Faso. He’s back to NetBeans Platform work to improve his skills and experience international collaborative work around a common passion: Java programming!

Need Help! 

OpenLeanMed has started and needs help to grow and become mature. In addition, the young team needs intellectual contributions and sponsorship support.

All kinds of contributions that can help us build an attractive and professional medical application are welcome. Some can help with their code, others with understanding and insight.

We already would like to thank Geertjan Wielenga for his mentoring, as well as in advance each of the contributors who will join our project.

OpenLeanMed on Java.net

The project has a portal on java.net: http://java.net/projects/openleanmed. It is a private project at the moment. To gain access to the portal, please contact one of the administrators: Henning, Igor, or Constantin.



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