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OpenMake Software and Creoss Partner to Improve Agile Methods

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OpenMake Software announced today a technology partnership with Creoss( the creators of the Agile Framework Paceline). The partnership integrates OpenMake Meister's advanced build automation software into the Paceline methodology. The integration allows Paceline to deliver an accelerated and accurate continuous integration build process into the Paceline software factory framework.

OpenMake Software aids in the software build. The build can cause missed deadlines and budget overages so OpenMake tracks various aeras of the build to prevent such issues. OpenMake now reaches over 100,000 users. OpenMake Meister is the winner of the 2009 Jolt Award in the Change and Configuration Management category.

"Agile methods such as Paceline continue to push the need for improvements in the software build - the compile and link process.  OpenMake Meister delivers to Paceline an automated, accelerated and accurate build. Automated builds allows the software compile and link process to keep up with the fast pace of software development that is designed and written using a software factory framework." - Tracy Ragan, COO of OpenMake Software

Creoss specializes in assisting organizations in delivering technology that is aligned to specific business values. Creoss delivers a process that is focused on both business needs and an agile "best practice" to deliver a precise technical specification.

"The Paceline framework establishes an agile practice that converts business needs into software solutions in record time. OpenMake Meister ensures that there are no bottlenecks interrupting the factory process, delivering fast, repeatable and accurate software builds." - Martin Gossen, VP Marketing for Creoss

OpenMake Meister and Paceline will be showcased at the Agile Alliance 2009 show in Chicago, August 24-27, 2009. For more information on OpenMake Software and Creoss go to http://www.openmakesoftware.com/build-automation/.

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