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OpenStack & Beyond Episode 3: High Availability

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OpenStack & Beyond Episode 3: High Availability

Hear from two expert OpenStack users about high availability, distributed storage integration, automation, deployment, and other topics in cloud environments.

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The OpenStack & Beyond Podcast is back with a brand new episode on a very relevant and timely topic that is on the minds of many OpenStack users: High Availability.

Hosted this time solely by Nati Shalom (Shlomo Swidler was traveling), this latest episode aired two incredibly knowledgeable OpenStack guests, both of whom are serial bloggers and speakers on HA in OpenStack (as well as many other OpenStack-related subjects).

Enjoy this great episode, which inludes our esteemed panelists:

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Florian HaasFlorian Haas has been an active member of the OpenStack community since early 2011. He has driven and contributed to lively discussions within the community about OpenStack high availability, distributed storage integration, automation and deployment, and other topics. Florian has spoken about OpenStack at previous OpenStack Summits and also at OSCON, LinuxCon, linux.conf.au and many other conferences. When he is not speaking at conferences, Florian discharges his duties as CEO of professional services firm hastexo (which has a strong OpenStack focus), and also acts as a Principal Consultant serving hastexo's high-profile clients.

Arthur BerezinArthur Berezin is the Cloudify Product Manager at GigaSpaces. Previously, he was Senior Technical Product Manager with Red Hat's OpenStack Product Management Group. Arthur has great deal of experience with Cloud, Virtualization, Infrastructure, and Open Source technologies working with companies of various sizes from large enterprises to start-ups. You can read more of Arthur's work on his blog.

You can listen to the full podcast here:

Below are some "sound" bites and discussions from this episode:

.@arthurberezin "Services at the moment offered are still not that highly available in #OpenStack" #OStackast

— OpenStack IL (@OpenStackIL) July 6, 2015

.@arthurberezin consistency of data is the most important thing in #OpenStack HA #OStackast

— OpenStack IL (@OpenStackIL) July 6, 2015

.@hastexo All the underlying HA technologies are effectively being built in the same way and have been made very easy to deploy #OStackast

— OpenStack IL (@OpenStackIL) July 6, 2015

.@hastexo We might see a rewrite of key HA services in the near future #OStackast

— OpenStack IL (@OpenStackIL) July 6, 2015

.@hastexo Fencing is a necessity in a highly available environment #OStackast

— OpenStack IL (@OpenStackIL) July 6, 2015

.@hastexo - need to acknowledge that #OpenStack is a widely adopted system, but it takes time and deliberation to work things out #OStackast

— OpenStack IL (@OpenStackIL) July 6, 2015

.@arthurberezin provisioning of different HA services are still done manually and are not automated #OStackast

— OpenStack IL (@OpenStackIL) July 6, 2015

.@hastexo have seen significant improvements in highly available virtual routers #OStackast

— OpenStack IL (@OpenStackIL) July 6, 2015

.@arthurberezin Ironic has become a more important part of #OpenStack. #OStackast

— OpenStack IL (@OpenStackIL) July 6, 2015

Enjoy the podcast, and stay tuned for more episodes on our Facebook page.

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