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OpenStack Cloud Monitoring Simplifies Deployments

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OpenStack Cloud Monitoring Simplifies Deployments

Based on open source Monasca, SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring makes private clouds more reliable, easier to manage, and more cost effective.

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I recently had the chance to sit down for a good talk with Mark Smith, global product and solutions manager, and Pete Chadwick, director of project management about SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring, an open source software solution to monitor and manage the health and performance of enterprise OpenStack cloud environments and workloads.

Based on the OpenStack Monasca project, SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring makes it easy for operators and users to provide monitoring and analysis of the health and performance of complex private clouds, delivers reliability, performance and high service levels for OpenStack clouds, and reduces costs by simplifying, automating and pre-configuring cloud monitoring and management.

“OpenStack deployments produce a lot of complex and useful monitoring and log data,” said Michael Miller, SUSE president of strategy, alliances, and marketing. “As customers move to large-scale production, they need operational tools to maintain their private cloud. The Monasca open source project makes this data manageable and valuable for enterprise users. We have worked closely with Fujitsu and other contributors to bring this capability to SUSE OpenStack Cloud.”

Katsue Tanaka, Fujitsu SVP, Head of Platform Software Business Unit, said, “Fujitsu engineers have worked closely with SUSE engineers and others in the OpenStack community on the Monasca project to create a solution that provides the means to collect, store, display and analyze monitoring and logging data of a production OpenStack system. SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring is the fruit of our close collaboration and reflects our strong commitment to continue bringing production-ready open source solutions to market.”

Key features of SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring include:

  • A single powerful dashboard to manage, track, monitor, and optimize complex distributed OpenStack private cloud environments.

  • The ability to identify problems early with complex processing of OpenStack events, logs and metrics, advanced graphical search, and analysis of historical data using the powerful dashboard.

  • An open source solution that reduces costs and increases flexibility by avoiding the risk of vendor lock-in often associated with proprietary solutions.

  • Different users can have their own Kubernetes cluster.

The Monasca project provides a fully cloud-scalable monitoring solution for OpenStack environments.

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