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OpenStack Days: How the Cloud Is Changing

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OpenStack Days: How the Cloud Is Changing

Get a glimpse of how OpenStack, and the wider cloud, is evolving as time goes on. See how businesses are incorporating the cloud into their infrastructure and work.

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I personally consider only two applications while migrating applications to the cloud — Apache CloudStack and OpenStack. In this write-up, I'm covering what happened during the OpenStack conference at Silicon Valley this year.

Before we start, let’s just think of the LAMP stack's effect on web programming as one phase of app innovation. Then came mobile apps, bringing mobility, and, more recently, cloud frameworks have come into the fray.

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During the event, Jonathan Bryce shared insights on NFV use cases, representing a huge opportunity for OpenStack. He also discussed OS and ODL users at AT&T as key trailblazers.

From Staples, CIO Tom Conophy shed light on how to leverage open source technologies to power huge e-commerce applications on desktop and mobile devices for millions of customers.

Walmart Technical Director Sean Roberts discussed how they are using OpenStack to power their e-commerce infrastructure with a roadmap. He also touched on new projects and features that the OpenStack community is working on and how those efforts can help operators.

Giving everyone a glimpse back in time, BuildGroup Co-Founder Jim Curry shared his view on the origins of OpenStack. He talked about assembling the team and the deliberations that laid the foundations of OpenStack. His insights helped the community better understand the judgments and decisions made early on in OpenStack's life.

CoreOS CTO Brandon Philips and Kubernetes Product Manager Craig McLuckie spoke on the convergence of Google’s Kubernetes project and the OpenStack community — and how the collaboration benefits both. The session also included training on building highly available geo-aware services using Kubernetes.

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SAP IT Cloud Architect Markus Riedinger, gave insights on how SAP is deploying OpenStack on Kubernetes to fuel a big portion of cloud apps. The session comprised of details of how they are working with several enterprise vendors to make HBP a mainstream feature with OpenStack through Kubernetes.

But it wasn't all about IT infrastructure.  Plenty of companies dealing with digitization were excited about the news coming from the event. In an interview with Sudhir Sharma from Mobiloitte, an iOS app company, I asked about the Kubernetes and OpenStack combination. He replied, “Changes to OpenStack are not something just for IT Infrastructure. We deploy web and mobile apps on the cloud and are very excited to work on the duo. The success of any application depends a lot on its sustainable performance and security, whether it is web or mobile.”


Evolution is constant as technology continues to change. IT infrastructure is transforming with new technologies. The open source cloud operating system for creating private and public clouds is increasing its capabilities with Google’s Kubernetes.

In a single statement from the conference, “The event was all about building, scaling, and managing world's largest clouds.”

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