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OpenStack Essex Development Cycle Officially Underway

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OpenStack, a collection of open source Amazon EC2/S3 compatible APIs used to power cloud compute and storage infrastructure, recently (November 11) passed the first milestone in its Essex development cycle. Planning for the new cycle began last month.

None of OpenStack's three main service families (Nova, Swift, and Glance) received major additions in the release on November 10, though Nova did get a few new features along with the major bug fixes that were implemented. Other mentionables include the following:

  • Addition of Keystone, OpenStack's identity service API, as a core project
  • Essex-1 as the first official milestone for the OpenStack Dashboard (aka Horizon), a baseline user interface running on the Django framework

Thierry Carrez at Seeing the fnords provides some useful specifics on what's been added to Keystone in the Essex-1 release:

Keystone delivered their first milestone as a core project, with a few new features like support for additional credentials, service registration and using certificate-based SSL client authentication to authenticate services. It should be easier to upgrade from now on, with support for database migrations.

According to the official Essex Release Schedule, Essex-2 should be released in just a little over a month. With much of the preliminary work out of the way, it will be interesting to see what the module dev teams have in store!


source: http://fnords.wordpress.com/2011/11/14/openstack-essex-1-milestone/

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