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OpenStack for the Enterprise: What CIOs Need to Know

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OpenStack for the Enterprise: What CIOs Need to Know

How enterprises can effectively utilize OpenStack for their cloud needs.

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OpenStack has been on my mind a lot this past year, as I worked on supporting the OpenStack API natively in ElectricFlow as part of our dynamic environments feature, releasing the new version of our OpenStack plugin with Heat support, and most recently I even got to give a talk on OpenStack, microservices and Docker at the OpenStack Summit Tokyo last month.

Building off of that excitement, I was thrilled to see the topic of conversation continue in the most recent edition of CIO Review OpenStack special. Among other contributors to the magazine, my CEO, Steve Brodie, also has a lot to say about OpenStack. Brodie discussed what CIOs need to know about leveraging OpenStack as part of their software delivery pipeline and the challenges to overcome as part of an overall enterprise IT strategy.

As more and more enterprises move to the cloud, many companies are looking to OpenStack to reduce data center costs and increase technology efficiency. Yet due to the maturity of the current OpenStack landscape, some enterprises are finding it difficult either standardizing on OpenStack or maintaining and scaling OpenStack adoption. As Steve writes, “The trend seems to indicate that, eventually, OpenStack will become just one more flavor in your organization’s federated/hybrid infrastructure.” Steve highlights some of the best ways to leverage OpenStack as part of your software delivery pipeline, including end-to-end orchestration and the importance of auditability across the entire process.

Read the full article here, and also check out the OpenStack special issue online for other great content on all things OpenStack.

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