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OpenStack Neutron

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OpenStack Neutron

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OpenStack's Neutron project is a networking-as-a-service initiative that hopes to address the lack of tenant control in multi-tenant environments as well as difficulties in deploying advanced networking services.  SDNcentral explains it more here:

Neutron provides a way for organizations to relieve the stress on the network in cloud environments to make it easier to deliver networking as a service in the cloud. It’s designed to provide a “plugin” mechanism that will provide an option for network operators to enable different technologies via the Quantum API. It also lets tenants create multiple private networks and control the IP addressing on them. As a result of API extensions, organizations have additional control over security and compliance policies, QoS and monitoring and troubleshooting, as well as the ability to easily deploy advanced network services, such as a firewall, intrusion detection or VPN.

There's now a definitive guide to the practical application of this project in an ongoing series on the Rackspace blog that you should definitely check out:

Or if you want to hear about it colloquially in a podcast, check out this episode of the Cloudcast. 

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