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Is OpenStack Overgrown?

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Enrico Signoretti recently published an article on OpenStack that has received a fair amount of attention on Twitter.  The article is titled "OpenStack is overstretched" and consists of Signoretti's reflections on the size of the OpenStack project after meeting with some of the folks from Rackspace on a recent business trip.  

The OpenStack concept assumes a certain amount of size and power.  The product is supposed to help cloud providers and enterprises realize a "Cloud Operating System" that could as a platform for implementing and managing cloud infrastructures.

The tone of Signoretti's article is not exactly negative, but he does express a certain degree of concern about some aspects of OpenStack as it stands.  He notes, for example, that the community is involved with numerous sub-projects which require resources to be spread around quite a bit (only one third of the 150 core developers and 138 vendors are actually contributing to the code).  The many companies committed to supporting OpenStack also often have different goals that lead to solutions that conflict with those proposed by the project.  

Support infrastructure, according to Signoretti, is another issue:

The fact that they offer a solution to give support for everything is risky; it could even become a big drawback. One clear example comes from hypervisor support: OpenStack supports practically all hypervisors you can find on the market, from open source ones (Xen and KVM) to the commercials ones (Hyper-v and VMware), but for some of them it supports only the switch on/off functionality ...

Signoretti's bottom line is that he doesn't see how even medium-sized companies could think of adopting OpenStack because of the issues outlined above as well as concerns about the infrastructure need to operate and maintain the platform, mentioning that the companies referenced in the presentation he attended were names like NASA and Disney.  You can find the full article here.  If you have any thoughts about the viability of OpenStack for companies of different sizes, we'd love to hear them in the combos.

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