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OpenWGA 5.0 - Open source Java WebCMS and Applications Platform

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OpenWGA 5.0 - Open source Java WebCMS and Applications Platform

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The Innovation Gate GmbH is pleased to announce the release of OpenWGA 5, our homegrown solution for "all-in-one" web content management and applications, under GPL license, making it available as open source software.

There are many open source WebCMS out there, even many on Java, so why should you care? Well, we'll tell you ;-)

Lets start by saying that OpenWGA is no new project. Indeed it has been around on the german WebCMS market as a commercial software product since 2002, being constantly improved and extended since then. It is a mature platform that is currently live in business on many websites of large german customers.

So what may be regarded special about OpenWGA? First we like to have a focus on the quality of our user interfaces. Many different people get in touch with our product: Content authors, designers and administrators. We want to present each one a first-class user experience fitting to their special needs. So instead of lining up the obligatory product feature list here (which, just in case you want to see it, can be found on our homepage) we instead would like to directly show you some UI:

  • This is our browser application for authoring web content (online demo)
  • This is our Eclipse-based IDE for developing design templates. It includes a full-fledged OpenWGA publishing server for debugging purposes. These are screenshots, but you can instantly download the software from there to try it yourself.
  • This is the browser-based administration tool we use to configure and manage the OpenWGA server. These are screenshots again, but you can use the IDE download above to see it in action. Just follow the quickstart tutorial and click "admin client" at the end instead of "browser".

We call OpenWGA a "web content management" AND "web application" platform. This might sound strange, but our own projects many times turned out to be "websites with application-like parts" or "web applications that also serve some plain content", so it was only natural for us to create a platform that would serve both purposes. Because of this OpenWGA is suitable to create plain, fairly simple Websites, complex, data-driven, applications (login with user "demo", password "demo", only german, sorry) or anything in-between. Even our content authoring and administration applications that you saw above are actually regular OpenWGA applications running on top of the platform.

So, if your interested, go ahead and see on www.openwga.com what we have to offer. The easiest way to try is downloading the OpenWGA developer studio and follow the "getting started" guide. If you would like to know what developing for OpenWGA is like look for the tutorials and references on our support page.

If you like what you see: Great! If you don't for some reason we would be grateful if you could post your constructive feedback to our forums and tell us what you think or ask us any question. Thanks in any case for your interest!


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