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OpenWGA 5.4 CMS introduces plugin store, content modules


Again we push out a new one of our quarterly feature releases for the Java-based Web Content Management Platform. OpenWGA Version 5.4 brings many enhancements of which the following are among the most notable:

  • A plugin store was added to the OpenWGA admin client. This essentially is some user interface which receives the available OpenWGA plugins from our online plugin store service and is able to install or update any of them on mouseclick, resolving and fulfilling all the neccessary dependencies under the hood for you.
  • The content management modules that we introduced as separate plugin with OpenWGA 5.3 are now a default part of the vanilla install. These module are highlevel page fragments and functionalities - like richtext fields, frames, page surveys, google maps integrations etc. - that you can use to compose your website pages by simply adding them in the authoring GUI. Additionally we implemented a module templating mechanism where you can store frequently used module combinations to a page template and let your web pages inherit from it.
  • A longtime requested feature called inheritable read restrictions was also added. By this you can specify visibility constraints for a page, enforced for special users and groups, which will get inherited to all child pages below in the page hierarchy.

See OpenWGA 5.4 in action by test-driving our application demos, or by installing it via our many distribution forms. New users are encouraged to download OpenWGA Developer Studio, our Eclipse-based IDE for OpenWGA design and development containing a full-fledged OpenWGA server for testing purposes.


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