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OpenWGA 6.3 controls attachments and optimizes image sizes - new REST-API and Cluster Communication & Management Service

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OpenWGA 6.3 controls attachments and optimizes image sizes - new REST-API and Cluster Communication & Management Service

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The new version 6.3 of the Java-based open source CMS OpenWGA boasts new automatisms in the treatment of file attachments and presentation of images on the website. In addition several APIs for RESTful Web services, support for high-resolution displays by the use of "client hints" and a new cluster communication framework based on Hazelcast has been added.

Smaller Database - less space and shorter backup

OpenWGA 6.3 stores identical file attachments only once into the database. This saves space on the server hard disk and shortens the daily backup process. "At first glance, one might think that hard drives are cheap today" said Wolfgang Schmidetzki, managing director of Innovation Gate. "But this is only true for desktops. Disk space on servers is usually limited and is reluctant to be increased. An extension always requires a good argument and a lot of effort. With OpenWGA 6.3 we usually can halve the size of the space occupied by the CMS database". Even the web author benefited from the new feature. Since the attachments do not need to be copied when creating new page versions, it can be created much faster.

Pictures load faster

Even if authors add high-resolution images that would be suitable even for print, OpenWGA 6.3 holds loading time of the webpage small. Once an author uploads a new picture to a website, the CMS automatically creates "image derivates" in several different sizes and stores them in the database. OpenWGA then uses a web-optimized version with the ideal resolution for the position on the page where the image is added. If the author moves am image from a wide content column to a small Teaser column, the system immediately uses a smaller version. All this is done completly transparent for the author.

Integration of RESTful APIs

New in OpenWGA 6.3 is also a package for RESTful web services (data exchange is based on XML or JSON) with four different APIs (CMS API , HDBModel API , Query API and Custom API).

"The scope for the REST API I see primarily where our CMS must provide data for mobile apps. If you want to implement an app that presents products, the necessary data are already on the web server and can be accessed by the app online, instead of being newly maintained separately for the app. That way, the CMS server becomes the central data hub for all other media" said Schmidetzki.

Cluster Communication & Management Service

The new OpenWGA 6.3 cluster management framework does not only support secure cluster communication and distributed task execution. It also comes with its own integrated session replication with optimized resource handling.

Together with clustered DBMS platforms like Percona XtraDB Cluster OpenWGA CMS cluster can be used in distributed data center environments (WAN/Geo-Clustering).


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