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OpenXava 3.0: JPA Application Engine

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OpenXava 3.0: JPA Application Engine

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OpenXava is a JPA Application Engine. You put your JPA classes and, in exchange, you will obtain a full featured application ready for production, and without code generation.

Since OpenXava 3.0 you can define components using POJOs + annotations, as alternative to XML. The advantages are:

  • You can take your application developed using POJOs and JPA and convert it in an OpenXava application in a few minutes.
  • You can use standard tools for POJO/EJB3 to develop OpenXava applications. Tools as UML tools, Dali for mapping, Hibernate tools for importing database schemas to EJB3 POJOs, etc.
  • You do not need code generation any more (OX2 generated code from XML definitions).

What's new in 3.0?

  • POJOs + Java 5 annotations for defining business components.
  • XavaException now is a RuntimeException.
  • MapFacade methods do not longer throws RemoteException, instead it now throws SystemException (runtime).
  • Fix: JasperReport generation: Invalid encoding name "Cp1252" on some windows, and malformed URL on WebSphere 6.0.
  • Fix: Fails on WebSphere 6.0 (at some level patch). Broken since 2.2.3.

You can learn more about OpenXava 3.0 on http://www.openxava.org



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