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Opera 10 hits 10 - 10 million downloads within the first week of release.

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Opera 10 hits 10 - 10 million downloads within the first week of release.

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Opera 10 was downloaded 2 million times on release day and 10 million times after the first week of release.  These numbers go to show that Opera is still putting up a fight in the browser battle even though it still lacks behind other browsers in usage.

"While we have consistently grown in our download rates with each consecutive launch, Opera 10 has far exceeded any previous record we had.  To us, this means that Opera 10 delivers a more compelling reason to choose Opera, and that reason is Opera Turbo. The concept of turbo browsing was the result of our One Web initiative, as our goal is to ensure that Web browsing is fast, efficient and universal, anytime, anywhere." Jon von Tetzchner, chief executive of Opera Software

Turbo is intended to increase Internet speeds for users with slow connections. It compresses cached content from popular Web sites, stores it on Opera's servers, and sends it to your browser. To enable, click the speedometer icon in the lower-left corner of the browser window.  If your on a faster connection than this feature might not be for you.

The Oslo-based company said it has about 40 million active desktop users worldwide. According to data from StatCounter, the browser's market share still trails its competitors. In the last week, Internet Explorer had about a 58 percent market share worldwide, followed by Firefox with 31.5 percent, Chrome with 3.5 percent, Safari with 3 percent, and Opera with 2.74 percent.

In the United States, Opera slipped to 0.75 percent, behind Chrome with 3.48 percent.

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