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Opera 10 is Now Here!

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Opera 10 is Now Here!

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Opera Software today unveiled the final version of Opera 10. In a world of ordinary Web browsers, Opera 10 stands out from the crowd with innovative new features wrapped in an elegant, fresh interface. Opera 10 is absolutely free, comes in 43 languages, and works on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. You can download the browser from http://www.opera.com/.

“At Opera, we have always worked hard to innovate new ways to improve everyone’s browsing experience.  Opera Turbo is our newest innovation, and one we think everyone should try, because we all will face a slow connection at some point. Now, there is a solution, and it is absolutely free. We are excited to offer Opera 10 to the world, and we hope even more people discover what the 40 million people who have already made the switch know: browsing with Opera makes the Web a safer, more enjoyable and more interesting place.” - Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera

There are three major things to check out in Opera 10:

1.      Opera Turbo, a new compression technology that solves the pain of slow connections.  If your network speed slows to a crawl, enable Opera Turbo to browse the Web at broadband-like speeds. Opera Turbo will automatically detect when network speeds will enable you to benefit. Once you turn it on, Opera Turbo instantly compresses pages, so less data needs to be transferred over a limited connection.  In laboratory trials, Opera Turbo gives up to eight times faster Web surfing over slow connections than other browsers.

VIDEO — Scandinavians have an obsession for compression. Watch a slightly different take on the Opera Turbo technology: here [Youtube]

2.      A sleek new interface that you have never seen on an Opera browser.

3.      Better tabs, from the original pioneer Opera continues pioneering new ways to use tabs. In Opera 10, resize your tab bar by pulling down on it or double-clicking the handle, revealing a surprise: Opera now shows you full thumbnails of all your open tabs.

Tip: Opera 10’s Visual Tabs are placed at the top, but you can put them on either sides or the bottom.

-Video of the new features in Opera 10-


Opera 10 includes other refinements to help get more from your Web-browsing experience:

·         Super-sized Speed Dial

Opera’s Speed Dial has been emulated all over the Web. Now the original is ready for your personal touch.

·         Automatic updates

Opera 10 updates automatically so now you always take advantage of the newest features Opera has to offer.

·         Chekk ur speling

Misspell no more. Enter text into any form field or into the e-mail client, and Opera will check the spelling in the browser (just like Firefox and Google Chrome). The Spell Checker supports 51 languages, using the popular open source Hunspell dictionary format.

·         The craftsmanship under the hood

Browsing speed is a combination of many factors. Opera fine-tuned the overall speed, making Opera faster and smoother on resource-intensive pages such as Gmail. Opera 10 is 40% faster in page loading than Opera 9.6 ... and that is before you activate Opera Turbo. Opera is designed not only to be light and fast, but also smart. The adaptive memory management is optimized to work with your machine, conserving memory if your computer has less RAM and utilizing more memory to enhance performance if your computer has memory to spare.

·         Toys for Web developers

Web developers can play with the newest update to Opera Dragonfly, the set of on-board, Web development tools. Opera Dragonfly is available in 36 languages and now allows you to edit the DOM and inspect HTTP headers. With a 100% score on the ACID3 standards compliance test, and support for CSS3 Webfonts.


Opera 10 comes in 43 languages for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. It is available completely free from http://www.opera.com/.

Developer Waypoints is a live coding series from HERE, which will teach you how to build with maps and location data.


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