Optimizing Automated Testing with Jenkins

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Optimizing Automated Testing with Jenkins

A presentation from Jenkins User Conference East about optimizing automated testing with Jenkins.

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This year’s Jenkins User Conferences in both D.C. and London were a huge successes. Aside from the large number of enthusiastic attendees, the DevOps and Continuous Delivery innovation really caught our eye. Both practices have become a matter of course for Agile companies, and we’re excited to hear about so many great results in real-world applications.

Continuous Delivery is all about automation: continuous integration with Jenkins, automated testing (with all manner of tools), automated deployment, and beyond. The videos below feature Andrew Phillips speaking at JUC East in Alexandria VA and Viktor Clerc at JUC Europe in London. They each give their own take on “How to Optimize Automated Testing with Everyone’s Favorite Butler,” Jenkins.

It’s well-recognized that an enterprise cannot achieve true Continuous Delivery without Automated Testing, and these presentations provide some great best practices on how to do it.

If you’d rather look at the slides, you can find the entire deck here: “How to Optimize Automated Testing with Everyone’s Favorite Butler”.

Also at this year’s Jenkins User Conference, XebiaLabs launched their newest product, XL TestView, the first test results management and analysis tool that allows teams to define and execute tests across their full spectrum of test tools. Users of XL TestView are able to collect results from all of their automated tests in a single location, where they can view and analyze results in one central, configurable dashboard. Enterprise test automation is made easy by XebiaLabs and XL TestView.

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