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In what could be the most important decision of the year, after weeks of speculation of IBM buying out Sun, which failed to produce a result, today Oracle have swept in and bought Sun. DZone has assembled a collection of news coverage and 'Tweets' from around the Web (this list will be updated throughout the week -- feel free to post additional links in response to this thread):

News Coverage

Cameron Purdy responds to a comment on TheServerSide.com about how IBM might've been a better suiter:

"Perhaps for the hardware part of Sun ..On the other hand, if Java is something that you're interested in seeing do well for the long term, consider how well Oracle has executed with its software acquisitions over the past several years. For example, both WebLogic and Tuxedo are doing significantly better at Oracle than they did at BEA, both in terms of market adoption and investment, not to mention the love they receive from the company that now owns them ;-)"

Sean Michael Kerner sees "Oracle's stewardship of Java as a good thing for the community."

Dustin Marx writes that: “Today's announcement regarding Oracle buying Sun is not that big of a surprise given the recent failed deal between IBM and Sun and the precarious position it left Sun in.”

Dana Blankenhorn
asks Why Oracle is picking up the Sun mess?

Alex Goldman reports that Oracle reveals a few details of its strategic vision for the merger.

Sharon Machlis asks what will happen to MySQL?:"As MySQL becomes more successful in pushing into the enterprise, can Oracle executives resist seeing the open-source database as a threat to its own high-performing, capable but more costly offering? "

Erik Schonfeld writes that "Oracle Wants To Be The Apple Of The Enterprise, But It Just Became IBM" - It (Oracle) will use Sun’s existing server market share to push Oracle databases and software, and bundle it all with IT services.

gives an amusing rundown of the Top 10 reasons Java Developers Fear The Oracle Buyout "Any Java class with the name Table in it will have a 30 character limit"

Michael Cote's article Oracle Buys Sun Omnibus poses some possible scenarios.


Rbanffy - "I hope (beyond reason) that this allows sun to focus more on hardware and less on its many distractions. How do Larry and Scott get along?"

Kenneth Price - "Oracle paid too much for Sun. Can Oracle integrate the acq into meaningful product offerings? How bout contract problems that scared IBM?"

Simon Goodfellow - "what a slow lingering death. Its been coming since the drop of SunOS for SVR4, despite huge efforts the focus never returned"

Abhijit Bagri - "Sun and Oracle. Demise for Netbeans and Glassfish. Also, am skeptic how oracle takes sun's open source strategy from here."

Hany Rashwan - "Oracle buying Sun is great! Has anyone thought of what might happen to MySQL, the free database system that competes with Oracle's db?"

Jordan Braunstein (SOAToday) - "With Oracle's Sun acquisition, wonder what happens to the old Seebeyond product? Will Seebeyond be "left behind"?"

Kevin Williams - "I stopped using MySQL a few years ago, due to Oracle actions, and now my Chicken Little act pays off"

Brent (chuk) - "Hmmm... Oracle to buy Sun... That sits better with me then the IBM bid."

Randal L. Schwartz - Finally, people will have a reason to stop using MySQL and switch to something sane like PostgreSQL

Joeslow - and what's gonna happen to glassfish (as a competitor to weblogic)?

IanSkerrett thinking the Oracle/Sun acquisition is good news for OSGi and Equinox; Oracle has been a big supporter of both

toulmean RT @dims:[..] hope Oracle will release an FOU-free JCK to Apache. they have been supportive. Let's see if they walk as well.

ferdy Best headline about Sun acquisition: Oracle Bids on Mainframe Tape Vendor http://tinyurl.com/cppkya

puredanger I blogged some more thoughts about Oracle buying Sun and what it means for Java http://tinyurl.com/ca86dc



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