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Oracle Confirms New Java 9 Features

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Oracle Confirms New Java 9 Features

Learn more about the largest set of Oracle JCP feature proposals released for the future Java 9 release. This announcement comes after an earlier, smaller set.

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Oracle has confirmed another set of JCP feature proposals for Java 9 on the OpenJDK website. This comes after the first round of JCP announcements in August which confirmed the much-requested modular source code and three new APIs. 

The single biggest feature of this announcement is the official Oracle-confirmation of a commitment to modular source code for Java 9 and beyond. They hadn't previously (entirely) confirmed this feature, even though it was pretty much the most sought-after and popular part of August's announcement. 

The new set of JCPs announced are:

  1. JEP 158: Unified JVM Logging — Introduces a common component logging system.
  2. JEP 165: Compiler Control — Improves control of JVM compiles through a new set of options.
  3. JEP 214: Remove GC Combinations Deprecated in JDK 8 — Maybe self-explanatory: it removes GC combinations from JDK8.
  4. JEP 213: Milling Project Coin — Addresses some language changes in Project Coin to "smooth out the edges."
  5. JEP 219: Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) — DTLS will be supported in Java 9.
  6. JEP 224: HTML5 Javadoc — Java 9 includes the javadoc tool for outputting HTML5.

I'll be doing a followup article with some opinions from the Java community about this new set of features. We talked previously to Java developers after the first announcements and they definitely seemed a bit unimpressed.

And while this next set of announcements isn't quite the breaking news that the first set was, I predict that the official word from Oracle on modular source code will make a lot of people happy. Again, it wasn't exactly a revelation out of left field, but there is some relief to see it confirmed.

What do you think about this set of announcements?

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