Amazon Continues Long-Term Support for OpenJDK in Amazon Linux

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Amazon Continues Long-Term Support for OpenJDK in Amazon Linux

Last week, Oracle reaffirmed its LTS for Amazon Linux after the announcement that long-term OpenJDK support would end in 2019.

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On October 30, Amazon announced that both OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11 will continue their long-term support for Amazon Linux until June 30, 2023.

Since the announcement that Oracle will no longer provide long-term support for the OpenJDK beginning January 2019, this has sparked a lot of interest in the Java community over support for Amazon Web Services. Oracle and Amazon wanted to reassure devs that OpenJDK 8 and OpenJDK 11 LTS will continue for Amazon Linux until mid-2023.

According to Amazon's website, "Amazon Linux users will not need to make any changes to get support for OpenJDK 8. OpenJDK 11 will be made available through the Amazon Linux 2 repositories at a future date."

This reaffirmation prompted most developers to express excitement and relief over the continued support:Image title

However, some developers showed distaste for the move by both Amazon and Oracle.

In a Hacker News comments forum, ilovecaching said, "It’s hard to decide what I hate more about Java, the language or the enterprise mediocrity and corporate/enterprise-licensed crapware that pervades the ecosystem." ilovecaching went on to say:

It’s no surprise Amazon will carry the torch for OpenJDK, their internal culture perfectly fits the Java mindset, as does Oracles.

Additionally, Amazon Linux 2 and OpenJDK support will apply to Docker-based and on-premise virtual machine images.

To learn more about the continued support for AWS and Amazon Linux, check out Amazon's Compute Blog!

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