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Oracle Database Examples Now on GitHub

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Oracle Database Examples Now on GitHub

Oracle's database experts and driver devs have put together Oracle DB examples that cover you regardless of whether you prefer JS, Python, Java, or .NET.

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Good news for Oracle Database Developers! Oracle Database examples have now been consolidated into a single GitHub repository.

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Regardless whether you develop in JavaScript, Python, Java, .NET, or whether you want to use how to unleash the power of SQL, regardless whether you are a beginner or advanced database developer, this repository will have something for each of you.

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In a true open source collaboration effort, this repository is going to be maintained and grown by Oracle’s subject matter experts and driver developers. Feel free to fork the repo, ask questions, or highlight issues on GitHub and, of course, give us a star!

Several of the SQL examples you will find in this repository are also available for you to run in LiveSQL.oracle.com, a pure web-based scratch pad for you to run SQL and PL/SQL and to learn what Oracle Database can offer.

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Or, if you rather prefer an environment of your own, you can head over to cloud.oracle.com/tryit and sign up for an account with $300 worth free credit and run your own Oracle Database in the Oracle Cloud

Read "Developing Apps Using Active-Active Redis Enterprise" and discover the advantages over other active-actve databases.

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