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EclipseConOracleIn case you missed the news, Oracle is now in control of the Java community.  The next 6 months are going to be fascinating to watch Oracle put their stamp on the JCP, OpenJDK, Java 7, Glassfish, Jigsaw, JavaME, dynamic languages and much more.   I have a lot of confidence that Oracle will do the right things to help move the Java community forward.  It is going to be a journey, so we can’t expect all the answer immediately.

I am expecting that journey begins at EclipseCon.  Oracle is bringing out the executives that are making the decision on the future of Java.  Steve Harris and Jeet Kaul are doing the EclipseCon Tuesday keynote  speaking on Commuity and Adaptation.   From the abstract…

Come hear two technology leaders from the combined Sun and Oracle talk about the future of Java. Gain insight to how the power of the Java community will be strengthened, how specific technologies will be optimized, and how the platform will adapt to trends ranging from modularization to dynamic languages. Get perspective on innovations in Java EE 7 and SE 7, the benefits of OSGi, and the advantages of Profiles. Leave with new ideas on the synergy between Java and Eclipse both from standpoints of both community and technology.

On Wednesday, Oracle is organizing a panel ‘Ask the Oracle execs:  Java – the Platform for the Future’.  From the abstract…

We invite you to join a panel of Oracle executives for questions and answers about how the new strategy impacts key areas of Java such as developer tools, Java servers, client Java, and developer programs.

Jeet Kaul – VP, Client Software Development, Oracle
Steven Harris – Snr VP Product Development, Oracle
Paul Hartenstine – VP, Application Development Tools, Oracle
Justin Kestelyn – Snr Director, OTN & Developer Programs, Oracle
Adam Messinger – VP of Development Fusion Middleware, Oracle

Moderator:  Dennis Leung – VP of Software Development, Oracle

A pretty impressive roster.  I am not expecting they will have all the answers but I do hope they starting charting the journey on where they want to go with Java.  These are two sessions I am not going to miss.

Oracle is also a big time contributor to the Eclipse community.   Here is a  complete listing of Oracle’s participation at EclipseCon.

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