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Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g

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Oracle have just released a major update to the Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse. Both all-in-one and update site installations are available.The main enhancements in this release include Object-Relational Mapping, Spring and Web Service tools to reduce development complexity. 

“It is great to see Oracle expanding on its Eclipse tools strategy and further contributing to the community,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse foundation. “The Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 11g release provides a nice complement to the work they are doing in the Web Tools Platform Projects, which includes the Dali project, the JSF tools project, the Java EE tools project, and the EclipseLink project.”

As well as the initial Oracle WebLogic Server Plugin, the enterprise pack includes: 

  • The ability to configure, develop and test JAX-WS and JAXB services.
  • ORM Workbench for JPA, which makes working with relational data in Java easy. The ORM Workbench will support EclipseLink, among other JPA providers
  • Spring IDE Project and Spring code generation wizards, helping developers work with Spring beans and generate Spring DAO from existing JPA entities.
  • Editors and wizards for common WebLogic Server descriptors.

Further details are available on the Oracle Developer Tools Blog.


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