Oracle Forms Customers Quickly Modernize Legacy Apps by Creating Powerful, Cross-platform Web Apps

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Oracle Forms Customers Quickly Modernize Legacy Apps by Creating Powerful, Cross-platform Web Apps

Sencha and 4Morphis partner to enable Oracle customers to use the power of the web to deliver enhanced user experiences across all devices and platforms.

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Sencha, the company providing a unified platform for designing, developing, and testing cross-platform web applications, today announced a service that enables enterprises to transform legacy applications into modern web apps, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise. Partnering with 4Morphis, Sencha leverages Ext JS, the most comprehensive JavaScript framework to help customers migrate their Oracle Forms applications into modern web and mobile applications. 

“There are millions of legacy apps out there, and organizations need to make them mobile and modern,” said Sencha CEO Art Landro. “Sencha gives enterprise developers access to the latest advancements in web technology with our Ext JS framework, and now we enable Oracle Forms applications to be transformed into modern, cross-platform web applications in days versus weeks or months. By using our integration with the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, we can deploy these modernized apps on-premises or in a public, private or hybrid cloud.”

The promise of web applications is that line-of-business managers and IT departments can cost-effectively design and develop mission-critical applications across all devices and platforms from one code base. Sencha Ext JS web applications provide the right user experience on the right screen at the right time, for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. By partnering with 4Morphis, Oracle Forms enterprise apps can now be automatically converted into Sencha Ext JS source files with retained business logic, without having to rewrite code, or discard any existing application investments. Once converted, the Sencha Professional Services team works with the developers to customize the design of the application, compose the Ext JS-based application elements into an enterprise-class web application, and test it to ensure a high-quality experience for customers.

In October, Sencha announced its integration with the Oracle Mobile Cloud Service to enable enterprises to easily roll out their front-end mobile web applications on Oracle’s comprehensive back-end mobile cloud service. The additional app conversion benefits include:

  • Converted Oracle Forms apps are flexible, modern web apps that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise

  • Time and effort to modernize an Oracle Forms app into a web application is significantly reduced from weeks or months to days

  • Flexible deployment options based on the integration with robust back-end mobile cloud services

The Oracle Forms Modernization Service is available today. To learn more, please visit: https://www.sencha.com/services/#oracle-forms-modernization


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