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Oracle Gets Hadoop via Cloudera, Quest

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Cloudera and Quest Software are building a free software link between Oracle RDBMS and Hadoop.  The bi-directional connector, code-named "Ora-Oop", was unveiled today by Quest Software, a systems management company, and Cloudera, a Hadoop-focused startup.

As enterprises try to collect more and more data, the demand for capabilities like Hadoop's MapReduce is becoming more lucrative.  In the past few months, Hadoop has "gone enterprise" in many areas like the cloud-based data analysis offered by Appistry.  The growing web 2.0 and semantic web are making it essential for large web properties and analysts to deal with their structured, complex data (blogs, documents, video, images).

These content types are not easily shoved into a relational database, and that's why Quest and Cloudera are building a connector to one of the more popular RDBMS in the enterprise.  Quest has constructed Ora-Oop with the help of Cloudera  The connector will work with Cloudera's Hadoop distro and Oracle's RDBMS through an interface that supports bi-directional, scalable, functional data transfer between Hadoop and Oracle.  

There are already several open source tools for moving SQL relational data to Hadoop.  Cloudera has their own tool for leveraging generic SQL called Sqoop.  Ora-Oop leverages the Sqoop framework to provide high-connectivity throughput to Oracle's RDBMS based on Oracle primitives.  

The Ora-Oop connector will be available from Cloudera and Quest in Q4 this year.  In the meantime, you can get Cloudera's Hadoop distro on their website, or Quest's website.

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