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Oracle Maintains Top Spot in DB-Engines Monthly Rankings

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Oracle Maintains Top Spot in DB-Engines Monthly Rankings

Oracle retained the top spot for September in the DB-Engines monthly rankings, followed closely by MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

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With only a small amount of jockeying in the top 20 databases, Oracle retained the top spot for September in the DB-Engines monthly rankings, followed closely by MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server to round up the top three spots.

Like a three-car pack of NASCAR racers locked in a draft, Oracle stayed in the lead with a score of 1463.37, up 10.35 points from August, with MySQL staying close with a score of 1277.75 (down 14.28 points from August) and Microsoft SQL Server rounding out the relational database management systems top-three with a score of 1097.83 (down 10.83 points from August).

After these three, the points drop significantly from the fourth spot to the end.

Coming in as the top document-oriented database system, and ranking fourth this month, MongoDB scored 300.57 for September, up 5.91 from last month. PostgreSQL completes the top five with a 286.18 score, up 4.31 from August.

Rounding out the top 10 are DB2 with a score of 209.14 (up 7.91), Microsoft Access at 146.00 (up 1.79), Cassandra at 127.60 (up 13.60), SQLite at 107.66 (up 1.84), and Redis at 100.65 (up 1.85).

The top 20 databases maintained their positions from August to September.

The first ranking change comes at 21, where graph database Neo4j (33.54, up 0.38) and key value stores Memcached switched places, with Memcached (34.42, down 0.96) dropping to 22. Relational database management system Greenplum (10.63, up 0.74) leapfrogged two positions to come in at 35 this month, passing both Ingres (9.99, down 0.77) and dBASE (9.77, down 0.21).

Amazon Redshift breaks into the top 40 in September in the 39th position, at 7.60 (up 0.89).

The DB-Engines ranking, a list of database systems rated by popularity, measures 282 databases using the following six parameters: Search engine queries on Google and Bing (coupling [system name] with the term "database," e.g. "Oracle" and "database"); frequency of searches in Google Trends; frequency in related questions and queries on IT-related Q&A sites Stack Overflow and DBA Stack Exchange; number of job offers on leading job-search engines Indeed and Simply Hired; number of LinkedIn profiles in which the system is mentioned; and relevance in social networks registered by the number of Twitter “tweets.”

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