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Oracle: Now Is The Time To Move Java Forward

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Yesterday Oracle provided a response to Apache, following Apache's recent statement encouraging other members of the executive committee to vote against the Java SE7 JSR. The response from Oracle reads as follows: 

Oracle nominated Apache for a seat on the Executive Committee in recognition of Apache's continued participation and valued contribution to the community.  The recently released statement by the ASF Board with regard to their participation in the JCP calling for EC members to vote against SE7 is a call for continued delay and stagnation of the past several years. We would encourage Apache to reconsider their position and work together with Oracle and the community at large to collectively move Java forward.  Oracle provides TCK licenses under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms consistent with its obligations under the JSPA.   Oracle believes that with EC approval to initiate the SE7 and SE8 JSRs, the Java community can get on with the important work of driving forward Java SE and other standards in open, transparent, consensus-driven expert groups.   This is the priority.   Now is the time for positive action.  Now is the time to move Java forward.

Don Deutsch, Vice President of Standards and Architecture

Naturally, the ASF have already provided a reaction to Oracle's statement, simply stating

The ball is in your court. Honor the agreement.

The agreement that is referred to is an open letter sent by Apache to Sun three years ago, which protested against TCK licence restrictions for their Harmony project. 



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