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It's a whole new (Open)World

In addition to covering the keynotes and meeting with Oracle executives at Oracle OpenWorld 2019, I was able to meet with several other companies as well. Here's what I learned they were up to:

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Ravi Mayuram, CTO, Couchbase announced new features in Couchbase Server that delivers feature parity with SQL and other relational database management systems (RDBMS). Developers accustomed to working with the SQL open standard and capabilities of RDBMS can leverage the same skills within a NoSQL environment, and achieve the performance, scalability, and flexibility from their database required by modern web, mobile, and IoT applications.

Gopi Konnanath, SVP Enterprise Application Services, Infosys, talked about their large enterprise clients moving to the cloud as they evolve from selling products to selling services and moving from extreme standardization to extreme personalization. Infosys clients are moving to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to increase productivity, visibility, customer service, more quickly with a lower total cost of ownership. Gopi sees technology driving the three-legged stool of success: knowledge, context/relevance, and execution with empathy for the end-user.

Jesse Williams, Sr. Program Marketing Manager and Rikki Endsley, Managing Editor, Red Hat Developer were engaging developers to help them see the resources available to help them learn in addition to providing updates on 1) Quarkus, Red Hat’s new Kubernetes Native Java framework, crafted from Java libraries and standards to bring Java into modern apps; 2) updates to OpenShift Service Mesh and components like Istio; 3) Knative — what is it and details on Red Hat’s involvement as a top contributor; and, 4) the hottest projects in cloud-native such as Eclipse Che.

AJ Jennings, Founder & CEO and Simon Bain, CTO, ShieldIO are using real-time homomorphic encryption to protect data at rest, in transit, and in use enabling users to access the data they need to build applications and machine learning models without exposing PII. Their solution is most popular in financial services and healthcare given the regulatory and compliance requirements. It also provides job security for DBAs since any data that may be exfiltrated by a bad actor is worthless since it's encrypted.

Marcelo Tamassia, Global CTO, Syntax is helping their Fortune 1000 clients understand where Oracle is going, SaaS versus OCI, with vision and announcements and helping clients make informed decisions about what and how to migrate to the cloud, and the optimal solution. Syntax is working with ERP vendors like Oracle and JD Edwards to provide developers with user-friendly tools that enable them to integrate components. Public cloud providers are constantly releasing new services to add value and build connectivity but this can be complex. Customers want to have control of their environments and their applications but they don't want to have to manage them.

Each of these companies is a strong Oracle partner and felt the autonomous product announcements made sense as Oracle strives to maintain its leadership position in database, ERP, and cloud.

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