Oracle Says it Will Mirror Sun Approach to OpenJDK; JDK Remains GPL

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Oracle Says it Will Mirror Sun Approach to OpenJDK; JDK Remains GPL

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While it tries to draw attention away from the lawsuit against Google, Oracle is focusing its public statements toward announcements and explanations that it will give at JavaOne surrounding the Java ecosystem.    Henrik Ståhl, a Senior Director of Java product management, along with Amy Fowler are expressing optimism about the clarity that the conference will bring to Java developers next week.  Ståhl assured developers that Oracle would follow the same approach to the OpenJDK community that Sun had.

Here was Ståhl's short blog post, which reveals a few details about Java that have been in question since the lawsuit was brought against Google:

There seems to be a lot of questions around Oracle's plans for OpenJDK. Let me try to shed some light on this topic to dispel any concerns...

Oracle will work with the OpenJDK code base and the OpenJDK community like Sun did. We will continue to develop the JDK in the open under a GPL license. We welcome the cooperation and contribution of any member of the community - individuals as well as organizations - who would like to be part of moving the most widely used software platform forward.

We will share more detail on this topic and many others at JavaOne, and be there to answer your questions and listen to your feedback. See you there!

Amy Fowler also stressed the heightened importance of this year's JavaOne:  "Our plans for the technology will be revealed, uncut and without the cloud of uncertainty that hung over the last couple JavaOnes.    I think you may find it refreshing."

Right now, we know more about the possibilities for a revised JDK 7 (and possibly JDK 8) development schedule.  We even know that Oracle will continue to go through the JCP, but there's no telling what difficulties the new specs may run into as a result of Oracle's lawsuit.  It seems that Oracle will try to clear up the speculation surrounding Java in the wake of their actions against Google.

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