Oracle Set to Reinvigorate Mobile Java

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Oracle Set to Reinvigorate Mobile Java

Oracle looks to make an impact on mobile development for core Java developers, bringing OpenJDK support to Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.

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Bob Vandette, Mobile Architect at Oracle, proposed a new project that would focus on porting OpenJDK to the major mobile platforms—Android, Windows, and iOS.

According to Vandette, Oracle is willing to invest substantially into the project. He cites:

  1. The equivalent of Java 8's compact2 profile (but as Java 9 modules)
  2. iOS x64 and arm64 (arm64 via the Zero no-assembly pure C++ interpreter)
  3. Android x86 and arm (32-bit with JIT enabled)
  4. Windows 10 x64 Surface Pro
  5. JavaLauncher helper interface (to simplify including Java in Mobile applications)

(source: Ben Evans)

Though at this phase, the proposal would still have to be confirmed by OpenJDK, there seems to be a good amount of support. While it has seemed that Android would be the market standard for Java developers, Oracle making a concerted effort would give core Java developers an avenue to develop for mobile.

You can read his full proposal here.

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