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Oracle v. Google: News Hub and Community Pulse

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Oracle's lawsuit against Google's use of Java-related patents in Android's Dalvik VM and SDK could become a drawn out battle with long lasting implications.  The immediate effect has been mainly a negative outcry from the Java community.  The documents that Oracle released don't go into enough detail for Java and OSS experts to make a clear prediction on what the outcome will be.  Google can't comment because they haven't actually been served the complaint, but once they are, my guess is that they won't stay silent like Oracle unless they have to.  

Community Pulse

DZone will focus its efforts over the coming weeks, months, and possibly even years to keep the Java community up to date on this story since it concerns the ideals that have made Java so successful over the years.

First, a quick look at the comments here at Javalobby and the Twittersphere reveal some of the community sentiments.  Here were some of the more opinionated tweets we noticed this morning:

mindcrime‎: Oracle sues Google... one more reason software patents should not be allowed. <sigh /> #endsoftwarepatents

jhorman‎: Shouldn't Oracle be thanking Google for keeping Java relevant. They could have gone with GO, Python, C, come now guys

egargale‎: Oracle sues Google over Android for Java ... Sun protected J with accurate use of patents Will Litigious Larry do the same?

bani‎: RT @taq: Oracle/Google: the patents and the implications. Guess what? The same legal team of SCO involved

jkordyback:  News flash: SCO sues Oracle for stealing their patented innovation strategy.

fbourbonnais‎: RT @vogella: RT @webmink Oracle sues Google over Java in Android; presumably this means Apache won't be getting a TCK?

the_saltworks‎: Google, Oracle, who cares? It's not news. It's a pattern of behavior from 2 bullies and it'll have zero impact on consumers at day's end.

Nehemoth‎: Patentes d Oracle vs Google #1.(447) Protection Domains To Provide Security In A Computer System #2.(476) Controlling Access To A Resource

snoopdave‎: I wonder how disruptive the Google/Oracle lawsuit will be on our industry, and how many years it will take to play out.

aNorthernSoul‎: I can't help but think this Oracle vs. Google thing is more about money in the pockets of lawyers than it is protecting intellectual rights.

ikki_tousen‎: RT @lispmeister: RT @smartrevolution: Oracle sues Google over use of Java in Android. Java is doomed with a company like Oracle behind it.

michaelsmanley:  Let's see: Oracle vs Google. Hard to pick a dog in that fight. Any chance they can both expire with their hands around each other's throats?

cageyjames‎: How excited is the .NET team over Oracle suing Google #java

arturventura‎: Oracle sues Google. This one is going to be bloody.

News Hub

As the blogs and news stories flow in, DZone will aggregate them here.  Some of the analyses had different interpretations of Oracle's filing, so it's probably a good idea to check some of the "facts" against one another.  

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Oracle is Suing Google Over Java. There’s Just One Tiny Problem… -Cedric Beust

Another place we'll be keeping tabs on is the JUG leaders' mailing listBruno Souza has an interesting take on the news.

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