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Oredev 2013 Trip Report

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Oredev 2013 Trip Report

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Oredev 2013 was held on 4-8 November in Malmo Sweden. This was my second time at the largest IT conference in the Scania region - I had been there in 2010 as an independent. The conference is rooted in .NET and development process/methodology but has been trying hard to beef up it's Java content. This year it attracted a decent section of the Java crowd including my fellow Oracle colleagues Brian Goetz (Java SE), Geertjan Wielenga (NetBeans), Attila Szegedi (Nashorn), Aleksey Shipilev (Java SE), Cecilia Borg (OpenJDK), Marcus Hirt (Java SE) and Tomas Nilsson (Java SE) as well as my long-time friend Adam Bien. Topics covered included Java EE (of course :-)), mobile, DDD, agile, HTML5, cloud, Java SE, OpenJDK, JavaScript and NoSQL.

I ran the Java EE 7 Hands-on Lab as a whole day workshop. A decent number of people showed up for the workshop and it ran very smoothly (many folks had kind words to share afterwards). Last time I had tried to run this lab at OSCON, it did not go so smoothly due to various GlassFish and NetBeans issues that now seem to have been fixed. There were also issues with the lab itself that have since been addressed. There are still a few remaining rough spots in the lab I will get ironed out as soon as possible.

The openly available hands-on lab is actually a very good resource for getting your hands dirty with Java EE 7. The entire lab is neatly scripted into step-by-step instructions and seeded with some starter code as to be largely self-directed and self-paced. The idea is that anyone should be able to complete the lab by themselves or even lead the lab in their own organizations. I am finding that the length of the lab actually makes it more suitable as a one-day workshop - perhaps calling it something like "Hands-on Java EE 7", "Down and Dirty with Java EE 7", "A Self-Guided Tour of Java EE 7", etc. I am actually running such a workshop again at Penn State University/the Happy Valley JUG on my way back from CodeMash in Sandusky, Ohio in January.

I also had a regular conference session on JAX-RS 2. Titled "JAX-RS 2: New and Noteworthy in the RESTful Web Services API" this was basically the same talk given by the specification leads Santiago Pericas-Geertsen and Marek Potociar at JavaOne San Francisco. I talked about the JAX-RS 2 client API, asyncronous processing, filters/interceptors, hypermedia support, server-side content negotiation and the like. It's somewhat unusual for conferences to accept this talk which is strange given the popularity of JAX-RS and the importance of REST in both mobile and HTML5 applications. The talk was well attended, went very well and the Q & A was great. The slides for the talk are here (including the abstract and source PPT):

On the Friday night after the conference, I got to catch a Queensryche performance at Kulturbolaget (besides Debaser the most significant music venue in Malmo; also known simply as "KB"). I had seen another act from the US-based progressive metal legends in my hometown of Philadelphia at the legendary Trocadero Theatre a few years ago. Queensryche seems to always deliver a technically polished if albeit somewhat tame performance. Besides the good ol' US of A, Sweden is one of the few countries in the World that you can probably find a metal gig in most major cities year-round...

All in all, I enjoyed Oredev/Malmo and look forward to going back some time again soon (I'll be back in Sweden for Jfokus in February).


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