Organizations Leveraging GIS in the Farming Industry

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Organizations Leveraging GIS in the Farming Industry

It is common to use GIS in the farming industry, and GIS in agriculture has resulted not only in increased production, but also in reduction of cost and better land management.

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Recently, I had to advise AECOM on picking proposals for an international development project. The project consisted of developing a mobile and dashboard software solution that would help the farming process in Mali. One particular focus of the of the proposals was to use GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) technologies that were mentioned. Some of the technologies mentioned were to be used to get location data and display the data on a map.

Besides the example above, it is common to use GIS in the Farming Industry. The main use of GIS on farms is to incorporate mobile GIS technology. Also, GIS can be used as an scientific analytical tool for a better look at the farm’s production data. GIS in agriculture has resulted not only in increased production, but also in reduced costs and better land management. Natural factors or inputs like erosion, soil conditions, rain, and salinity are all inconsistent and therefore cannot be controlled directly. They are, however, crucial to the results of farming.

Mobile GIS technology now consists not just of phones but also satellites, UAV/drones or other types of aircraft. Using these types of mobile GIS technologies to gather images and information of the environment is called Remote Sensing. Using remote sensing, organizations are able to help farmers oversee their crops and much more.

With this in mind, here are some organizations using or looking to use GIS and remote sensing for the farming industry.


Esri is a software supplier channel for GIS and other technological implications. Also, Esri has ArcGIS, which is a tool that allows for creating maps online. This tool allows users to do remote sensing. You can see more about how Esri uses GIS for agricultural purposes here.


RIICE is an organization that uses remote sensing in Asian regions. Their sensor tool looks to be beneficial for small scaled farming issues. The use of RIICE remote sensing tools in the Asian region is to ensure there are no shortages of rice.


Monsanto is an agriculture solution provider. A lot of their focus is to use data to engineer techniques that deal with highly complex issues in the farming world. Using data has been seen as more of big deal since they acquired the Climate Corporation. They also have interests in using maps and remote sensing to solve issues involving climate, crop utilization, and much more.

This is just a sample of what companies are using GIS and remote sensing in the Farming Industry. If you are interested in discussing how GIS helps you to solve your issues in farming, leave a comment, contact me at adetola@adelabs.com or here.

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