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Organize Your GitHub Gists with GistBox

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Do you have a good way of organising and storing all your different code snippets?

Because I use sublime text 3 as my code editor I used to just store all my code snippets as a snippet in sublime. This was fine if I was always working on one computer but what if you code on multiple computers? You won't be able to take all these code snippets with you.

I've started to change this and have been adding to my profile on Gist and using this to store my code snippets, the benefit of using this means that I can have access to all my snippets from any computer I use.

Another benefit is that a Gist uses version control so I can see the changes made to the snippet as I learn a new trick.

As these snippets are open to the public other people have the chance to comment on these code snippets if they know a better way of doing what I'm trying to achieve.

Other people can even fork these snippets so that they have access to this code on their own Gist profile.

View my Gist profile

The problem with Gist is they way you organise and search for your code snippets, there isn't a good way to do this. GistBox was created to solve that very problem. GistBox can be a desktop application or a Google Chrome application and uses the Gist API to get all your Gists and gives you a nice interface to search and organise them.

Color coded labels

GistBox allows you to place labels on your Gists so that you can group them together in any way you want, not just any language but you could group them by framework or by project.

Search and filters

It will allow you to search through your Gists using labels and keywords.

Code Editor

Using the in-built code editor you can create new Gists directly inside the application and it will use the API to update your profile on Gist.

If you use Gist to store your code snippets it really is a nice tool to organise the code, try it out.


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