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Other Cloud Platforms Should Follow Heroku's Example of Transparency

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Other Cloud Platforms Should Follow Heroku's Example of Transparency

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Last week, Heroku open sourced id.heroku.com, a key part of their authentication infrastructure, under the very permissive MIT license [ Here's the GitHub repo]. 

I commend their transparency and commitment to open source given that most companies don't open source this information.  It shows that they know enough about their security to be absolutely sure what's okay to open source.  Their argument was also bolstered by this statement: 'Heroku would not exist without open source. Other security sensitive open source software we use include "Rails" and "The Linux Kernel".'

Check out the post about this news, because it's actually a large, informative post about how they use OAuth for SSO, which I'm sure will provide inspiration for some of you.  There are plenty of whiteboard diagrams to illustrate as well.

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