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Overcoming Procrastination

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Overcoming Procrastination

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The dictionary defines "procrastination" as "to put off till another day or time; defer; delay." I discovered this while procrastinating, something that is easy to do almost continually, what with YouTube and similar short distraction devices available online. "Let me just read A and B and then watch C, and then I'll get back to work..."

And then, while reading B, you learn about D and E, which you then need to go and investigate... and you still need to watch C! With all the online procrastination traps out there, what are your tips for overcoming/avoiding them? I once even wrote a poem about it all, while procrastinating, of course:

Procrastinator's Paradox

Uneasy lie the lies that aren't thought through.
They niggle at the mind and fester there,
toy with the cards you thought you'd placed with care,
and make them seem a Pisa—all askew.
They totter late at night. Work overdue,
you've covered up, but colleagues seem aware
that you've been playing Windows solitaire,
and that there's no such thing as Grecian flu.

You're still a step ahead. They've got no proof,
just inklings that your stories are too pat,
but one of them is bound to smell a rat,
and then you know your boss will hit the roof.
Your subterfuge is hard work and, perhaps,
may still prevent the pack of cards' collapse.


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