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An Overview of Firefox Developer Edition

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An Overview of Firefox Developer Edition

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A screenshot of Firefox Developer Browser

Last week Mozilla released Firefox Developer Edition, a custom version of Firefox built to make web development easier.

What’s wrong with using normal Firefox—or Chrome, or Opera—for web development? They’re the equivalent of using TextEdit vs. a full-featured text editor like Sublime, Emacs, or Vim. The Firefox team has put a lot of effort into making it easier to develop with Firefox.

Developer tools submenu


Valence allows the web IDE built into the browser to connect to iOS devices running Safari or Android devices running Chrome. With an iOS simulator running, you can change code within the console and have changes appear within the simulator.


Firefox Dev Edition allows you to develop Firefox OS apps directly in the browser. Imgur


Addons that are specifically helpful for developers are front and center. Imgur

Overall, Firefox Developer Edition is a welcome upgrade for all developers! Download it here.

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