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Overview of Continuous Delivery Functionality in Bluemix

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Overview of Continuous Delivery Functionality in Bluemix

We take a look at how varying aspects of DevOps can be achieved when using IBM's Bluemix. Read on for an overview of how the various pieces fit together.

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For a Bluemix DevOps workshop, I’ve prepared a deck that gives an overview of the Continuous Delivery functionality in IBM Bluemix.

In the first part, I describe why continuous delivery is important, what the differences are between continuous delivery, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and DevOps, as well as key concepts like automation and delivery pipelines. If you haven’t done much with continuous delivery yet, I suggest watching this great introduction from Martin Fowler.

One of the things I like about Bluemix Continuous Delivery is the concept of Open Toolchains. While IBM used to have its own tools for basically everything, with toolchains you can integrate third party tools as well as open source tools. Tools in the toolchain can communicate between each other, for example after a successful Jenkins build fixed issues in GitHub can be annotated automatically with deployment information.

This screenshot shows the tools that can be used in toolchains.


Here is my deck, Continuous Delivery with IBM Bluemix. For the parts that I’ll demonstrate, I’ve taken screenshots and added annotations.

While preparing for the workshop I discovered two new features that I think are worth highlighting. The first one is a new builder type for Kubernetes to easily deploy your apps to your clusters.


The second new feature is Composite Pipelines, which are useful for microservices applications to see the overall deployment status on one page.


If you want to learn more, go to bluemix.net/devops and create your own toolchain based on one of the templates.

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