Packaging Open Source With NuGet

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Packaging Open Source With NuGet

A presentation on how to use NuGet packaging to distribute open source .NET libraries.

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Are you an Open Source contributor, or owner of an open source library?

If so, you've probably always wondered how you can get the maximum reach for your open source library. Distributing libraries and releasing newer versions has been always an important part of the adoption cycle. However great the code may be, the visibility of the library is only possible if it is distributed through a great channel.

NuGet is one such official distribution channel for .NET licensed and non-licensed libraries. Even Microsoft's .NET framework is now distributed through NuGet feeds, making it even more accessible to you.

With an increasing focus on NuGet, I decided to create a short video that outlines concepts of NuGet packaging for your libraries.

It's approximately 30 minutes of a guided tutorial on NuGet packaging to help become confident with the fundamentals of packaging, and you'll be able to push your library to the official Microsoft NuGet feed.

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