Paddle Merges With DevMate to Offer macOS Developers a Consolidated Distribution Solution

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Paddle Merges With DevMate to Offer macOS Developers a Consolidated Distribution Solution

DevMate has announced a merger with Paddle, bringing macOS developers a way to manage in-app payments and subscriptions, and more.

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Developing for macOS has traditionally been a minority pursuit, but one that still offers a healthy (and long-living) ecosystem of libraries, tools, and services.

DevMate started in 2015 to offer macOS (with a Windows beta now available) developers an all-in-one SDK for handling licensing, updates, crash reports, feedback forms, usage analysis, and more, all with a consistent user interface and plenty of dashboards for drilling down into what’s happening in your applications. Previously DevMate handled payments and subscriptions for developers, but it was a small part of the package.

Paddle began in 2012 to offer simplified and seamless handling of in-app payments, subscriptions, downloads and trial versions for The Web, Mac, Windows and iOS applications, handling all those features developers don’t really want to think about in their applications such as tax reports, payment gateway integration, fraud prevention and checkout abandonment.

On May 23rd, DevMate announced that they were merging with Paddle to offer application developers pretty much all the backroom functions they might need with only minimal coding effort. The merger is a straightforward one and currently changes little for developers using either one of the tools, they will remain as two separate products for the short-term future, but Paddle will be offered alongside Fastspring as a preferred payment provider. In the long-term, the two platforms will likely be fully integrated.

For more details, read the announcement here, or dive right in to try the SDKs yourself and hopefully free up more time for coding awesome applications.

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