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Paginate An Already-fetched Result Set (i.e. Collection Or Array)

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Paginate An Already-fetched Result Set (i.e. Collection Or Array)

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Sometimes it's nearly impossible to paginate a result set using the built-in :limit and :offset parameters of find(:all). Instead, you can fetch a complicated query and paginate the results afterward.

Add the following to application.rb:

  def paginate_collection(collection, options = {})
    default_options = {:per_page => 10, :page => 1}
    options = default_options.merge options
    pages = Paginator.new self, collection.size, options[:per_page], options[:page]
    first = pages.current.offset
    last = [first + options[:per_page], collection.size].min
    slice = collection[first...last]
    return [pages, slice]

Call it from within your action like this:

@pages, @users = paginate_collection User.find_custom_query, :page => @params[:page]

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