Painless CRUD in PHP via AjaxCrud

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Painless CRUD in PHP via AjaxCrud

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I recently discovered an Ajax CRUD library which makes CRUD operations positively painless: AjaxCRUD

Its features include:

- displaying list in an inline-editable table
- generates a create form
- all operations (add,edit,delete) handled via ajax
- supports 1:many relations
- only 1 class to include!!

I highly recommend you try it out!

Here is the example code:


# the code for the class
include ('ajaxCRUD.class.php');

# this one line of code is how you implement the class

$tblCustomer = new ajaxCRUD("Customer",
"tblCustomer", "pkCustomerID");

# don't show the primary key in the table


# my db fields all have prefixes;
# display headers as reasonable titles

$tblCustomer->displayAs("fldFName", "First");

$tblCustomer->displayAs("fldLName", "Last");

$tblCustomer->displayAs("fldPaysBy", "Pays By");

$tblCustomer->displayAs("fldDescription", "Customer Info");

# set the height for my textarea

$tblCustomer->setTextareaHeight('fldDescription', 100);

# define allowable fields for my dropdown fields

# (this can also be done for a pk/fk relationship)

$values = array("Cash", "Credit Card", "Paypal");

$tblCustomer->defineAllowableValues("fldPaysBy", $values);

# add the filter box (above the table)


# actually show to the table



Source: http://www.supermind.org/blog/998/painless-crud-in-php-via-ajaxcrud

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