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Pandora Set to Release its Most Personal Mobile App Update

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Pandora Set to Release its Most Personal Mobile App Update

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Pandora’s mobile app got a facelift yesterday with a much more user-oriented and customizable feature. While this iteration may not appear to have changed much from the last version, the key differentiator is the ability to personalize. The Verge reports that this feature gives users more power:

The new screen serves as a quick way to review your favorite songs from the station and as a reminder that Pandora only gets better if you guide it. For the first time, you can change your opinion of a song (from thumbs up to thumbs down) inside the app. "We’re reminding our listeners that there is power in personalizing the station," says Chris Martin, Pandora’s chief technical officer. The app will also now suggest personalized genres and artists at the top of your list of stations.

The Pandora play screen in both the Apple (left) and Android (right) versions.

Much like Facebook's Groups App last month, this version gives more power to consumers to choose how they want to use the app, and makes it more adaptable to the individual. Music preferences rarely remain static over a long period of time (I have a Pandora station that's a relic of my angry punk phase, although I do still like the Distillers for my morning jog), so it makes sense that the devs at Pandora took steps to give its users control.

The site itself even nods to meeting the demands of its users with statements like "You asked, we listened" on their tablet page. It's another installment in a shift of power from supply and demand for material goods to supply and demand of user interface and app features.

The new app is set to be released in the next few weeks, and will be the first platforms to get the new versions. Tablets and then desktop versions will follow.

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