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Parental Controls Market is a Great Opportunity to Start a Successful Business

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Parental Controls Market is a Great Opportunity to Start a Successful Business

As mobile usage increases, more families are using parental control apps creating a need for exceptional apps.

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People, especially kids, spend more and more time on their smartphones and in front of computer screens. During the previous three years, daily time spent by younglings on their mobile devices had been gradually growing from 1.88h to 3.26h. And of course, it isn’t going to stop at that point.

Talking about numbers, almost one-third of US kids has faced cyberbullying, 26% are deleting their browser history to hide it from parents, 8% of children have actually met strangers they encountered online. The list of terrifying statistics goes on and on.

Luckily, modern parents are mostly aware of this, McAfee/IntelSecurity report, states, that 79% of juvenile respondents were taught online safety by their parents.

Number of parental control applications and software grows as well as number of families using it. Market is overfilled with them and one could say that this is a notable trend today.

Any parent can find an app, that meets their needs best. They can do numerous tasks, like tracking browser history, SMS/MMS, social media activities, etc. Some of them are advanced enough to give ability to check child’s location, or photos and videos stored in a device or on a cloud.

Parental controls also allow to block or limit usage of particular apps, games, and websites. Which in is turn makes process of modern upbringing much easier.

Usually, the price of an app is reasonable, and is rarely higher than 5$. Unlike the popular belief, parental controls are available not exclusively for PC, check out the best android parental controls  for example. Most of them are multiplatform, a parent with an iPhone can easily monitor their kid’s droid.

Not surprisingly, parents are more willing to install an app rather than endanger their kids.

Still protecting a kid online is not that simple, that “other team”, people interested in exposing inappropriate materials to as much people as possible, including children, are trying hard to circumvent parental controls. It does not necessarily means that porn sites are doing so, but gambling portals, for example, are.

Not to mention, kids are getting smarter every year. Some of them are already able to create .exe files in order to break apps installed by their parents.

Parental control applications market is a highly competitive niche, there is no doubt in that, but in the same time it hides infinite opportunities for mobile developers.

Creating such software takes a notable amount of resources and effort, true. It takes even more to make people use it, because as was mentioned earlier, there are a lot of competitors.

Still, it may be a great investment, if an app you create, is ahead of others of the kind.

If you provide better protection and more functionality, it is more than possible to succeed in this business.

Parental controls are mostly paid monthly. Modern families are more and more tech savvy. So there is a significant chance, that a person would stop their subscription for the app they use and choose a better one.

Opportunities to create a successful application in this niche will always be there as the situation here is similar to antiviruses’: new harmful programs are constantly appear on the web, and so developers need to work constantly in order to fight them.

However parental controls market is not as stable, there are no mastodons like Kaspersky, Norton, etc., competition with which seems like an impossible task. A new app has all the chances to become successful if it is worth it.

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