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Parsing Xml With Actionscript

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Parsing Xml With Actionscript

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The Xml Deserializer functions parse an XML file and give you a basic object of the nodes and attributes.  Using the discography xml fragment below as an example, you can do:


// this is if the 
    node had node text
    Album Content


Pick it up piping hot at http://rubyurl.com/q05.

#include "xml_deserializer.as"

/* Sample XML file



// xml callback function
function parseDiscography(success) {
  if(!success) return;
  XmlDeserializer.parse_nodes(myData, XmlDeserializer.xml_object.childNodes[0]);

  var albums = XmlDeserializer.get_items(myData.album);
  for(var a=0; a < albums.length; a++) {
    var album = albums[a];
    var songs = XmlDeserializer.get_items(album.song);
    for(var s=0; s < songs.length; s++) {
      var song = songs[s];
      if(song._href != undefined) {
        var song_obj = { 
          title: album._title + ' :: ' + song._title,
          href: myDiscoPath + song._href

        // global array used by flash

// object used by XmlDeserializer class
var myData = {};
// strip off disco.xml
var myDiscoPath = myDisco.substr(0, myDisco.length-9); 
//XmlDeserializer.debug = true;

// myDisco is url to discography xml file
XmlDeserializer.parse_xml(myDisco, parseDiscography);

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