Partnering With AtScale to Bridge the Gap Between Business Users and Hadoop

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Partnering With AtScale to Bridge the Gap Between Business Users and Hadoop

AtScale is working with Hortonworks to provide an advanced Hadoop data warehouse with analytics.

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Early this year, we announced our partnership with Pivotal and Syncsort, incorporating key technologies from the ecosystem to optimize the value from Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms. Today, I am very excited to announce an addition to our partnership to provide global access to and resell AtScale.

Customers are constantly asking us to find simpler, faster ways to get actionable insights from their data. Hadoop and Hortonworks Connected Data Platforms are now sitting at the center of their modern data architectures and Business Intelligence (BI) is a top priority workload to deploy.

BI is a way to create increasing value for business users from the mountains of the data-in-motion and data-at-rest, to drive business transformations. And with the huge volumes of rich data now stored in data lakes, giving business users more tools and access is increasingly important.

AtScale helps to bridge the gap between the business user (and their favorite visualization tools) and the underlying Hadoop data platform. With AtScale, business users can query data in a fashion and use tools they’re familiar with. Having AtScale BI and analytics work directly with Hadoop eliminates complexity and lowers the cost of the moving and replicating data and maintaining additional data marts.

We already share customers in multiple industries with AtScale, on-premise and in the cloud, and AtScale is already available on Microsoft Azure HDInsight, powered by our data platform. This partnership will both make the use of BI and OLAP tools on Hadoop universal and help accelerate adoption.

Here are three key things it means for you as a customer:

  1. The AtScale platform has been architected from the ground up to support data in motion generated by sensors, network logs, and mobile applications – like maps, arrays, and non-scalars. This means instant access for BI users to Hadoop data at enterprise scale and speed.
  2. AtScale turns your Hive warehouse into an OLAP server to leverage existing investments in visualization software without imposing new tools or proprietary data formats. Your business analysts can directly access billions or trillions of rows of data in Hadoop using their favorite BI tools, such as Tableau, Qlik, Microstrategy, or Excel.
  3. AtScale Dynamic Cubes access data directly in your Hadoop cluster without requiring ETL or data movement. Run-time cube definitions and attributes are defined on the fly, directly on HDFS. This eliminates the need to create costly data marts, extracts, and custom cubes. It also means consistent metric definitions across all users, regardless of BI tool.

You can find out more at: http://hortonworks.com/partner/atscale/

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