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Passing Values Between Pages in Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service [Video]

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Passing Values Between Pages in Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service [Video]

Want to set values on one page, then use them in another? Oracle ABCS lets you set and use parameters throughout your app, rather than limiting them to a page.

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A common use case for applications that have multiple pages is passing values between those pages. For example, you might want to pick up a specific record or value in one page and then use that as a parameter for a query in another page.

In the February release of Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service, as part of the extension hook points that we provide, we added support for shared resources. These are JavaScript libraries you can add to your application — and use across your app.

In the demo below, I show you how you can use the built-in sample template for a shared resource to define a variable, and then how that variable is exposed in various places in the product through the expression builder, allowing you to set its value in one page and use that value in another one.

Check it out:

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