Patent for Agentless Mobile Security

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Patent for Agentless Mobile Security

A newly patented agentless approach bypasses the deployment and employee privacy challenges of MDM/MAM, allowing users to wipe corporate data and retain privacy.

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Bitglass announced it has been awarded a patent for agentless secure app access and selective wipe of corporate data on any device. The technology works across all major mobile platforms and enables Bitglass to synchronize a lost, stolen, or deprovisioned device with a null mail or calendar account.

That development means that Bitglass offers the only mobile security solution capable of wiping corporate data while leaving all personal data on a device intact. Bitglass' patented selective wipe capability requires no agents, certificates, or complex configuration on the end user's personal mobile device.

Agentless mobile security enables enterprises to balance data protection and user privacy, increasingly important as employees push back against invasive device management solutions. These agent-based MDM solutions have been shown to track locations and log personal activity without alerting the end-user. Unlike MDM, Bitglass is built to protect corporate data without visibility into users' personal data while still enforcing access controls, device passcodes, and disk encryption.

"With BYOD on the rise, MDM solutions continue to see limited adoption when deployed because of the privacy implications of installing agents on a personal device," said Nat Kausik, CEO, Bitglass. "Our patented technology is uniquely capable of meeting enterprise security requirements without agents and without risking users' personal data."

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