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Pebbling Technology Drives IoT ROI

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Pebbling Technology Drives IoT ROI

Artificial reality and IoT become one in the near future. Xperiel has worked on a graphical programming language, pebbling, to help speed development in that world.

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It was great talking to Alex Hertel, CEO of Xperiel to learn more about how their graphical programming language can address issues resulting in IoT failing to reach its full potential:

  1. Connectivity.

  2. Cost of application development.

  3. Proliferation of devices. Xperiel's graphical programming language can reduce the time and cost of software engineering by more than 100 times.

Alex suggests that we begin discussing artificial reality (AR) and IoT as one since they will come together to make the real world digitally interactive — something he calls the Real World Web (RWW). The RWW is the intersection of our digital and physical worlds, where apps like Uber, Starbucks, and Pokemon Go live. In practice, it means mobile devices working across silos to unify and deliver digital interactions.

Xperiel’s platform, which helps companies take advantage of the RWW, is being used in advertising and marketing use cases. The company has found that experiential marketing that is relevant and timely beats Google conversion rates by 2,300 to 5,500 percent. These immersive experiences go beyond thinking about apps running only on phones and extend to big screens, scoreboards, turnstiles, and utility meters.

The pebbling programming language, which is completely graphical, allows apps to be built in a week to 10 days without involving any IT engineers. It democratizes programming by giving marketers, advertisers and non-technical people the ability to easily build IoT applications.

Xperiel has essentially built a new Internet application layer for the RWW. It will be interesting to follow its evolution.

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