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Peeking behind the curtains: The new RavenDB Management Studio

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Peeking behind the curtains: The new RavenDB Management Studio

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Learn how to create flexible schemas in a relational database using SQL for JSON.

We did a fair amount of work on this, and I think that it is much nicer. Take a look at the home page:


And collections:


The document edit UI was also improved:


Those are just cosmetic changes, so far, matching the new look and feel of the upcoming RavenDB site and freshening things up.

We also implemented a bunch of new features. Here is the new index edit page, which gives you access to the full power of RavenDB indexing system.


Let us see something that is significantly cooler, we implemented intellisense for querying:



Now you can get queries much more easily, because this will actually look at the database data and suggest the right items to you.

For operational support, we have import/export directly in the management studio:


And more about operations, we export the recent log entries directly in the UI, making it very easy to figure out what is actually going on:


Well, what do you think?

Create flexible schemas using dynamic columns for semi-structured data. Learn how.


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